TED x Talk by Kit Redstone

Here's Kit cramming theatre, identity and the importance of asking yourself questions into twelve minutes of Ted Talk at Fallibroome Academy!

International Tour by Kit Redstone

Testosterone received standing ovations on both nights of our stay in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Such a gorgeous place with wonderful people. Did a workshop with Trans Initiative Group Alma-TQ. Next stop Sao Paulo!

 Theatre workshop with Trans Initiative Alma TQ 

Theatre workshop with Trans Initiative Alma TQ 

TED Talk by Kit Redstone

I am absolutely honoured to be talking at TEDxYouth@Manchester on November 8th. Such a privilege. I will be spending the next month trying to condense everything I think about theatre, gender and the universal themes that bring us together into twelve minutes!

Edinburgh Festival by Kit Redstone

Having a fantastic time doing the fringe. I have seen so many wonderful shows. I've made it my aim to see shows at complete random rather than following the hype, and I've discovered some serious gems. Goody by Boondog Theatre was a real treat with superb performance and a clever, heartbreaking script. I've even seen some musicals while I've been here (which is totally out of character). Last night I cried and whooped with the best of them at Dolly Doris and the Dressing Room Divas