One year after his first injection of testosterone trans man Kit is perceived completely as a man. However, with this triumph comes a crisis of masculinity; what kind of man is he? 

Drawing on autobiographical experiences, Testosterone  is the true story of Kit Redstone's first entrance into a male gym changing room at the age of 33.  What first appears as a routine ritual of four men changing after a work out, then  transforms into an epic coming of age quest  for a masculine identity in an environment that affords little space to hide.

A collaboration between Kit Redstone and Rhum and Clay Theatre Company.

Written by Kit Redstone

Directed by Julian Spooner

Movement by Matthew Wells

Set Design and Costume by Alberta Jones

Performed by Daniel Jacob (Vinegar Strokes), Matthew Wells, Julian Spooner and Kit Redstone

Testosterone premiered at New Diorama Theatre in October 2016. The show will be at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 and will tour the UK in Autumn 2017. Testosterone has been selected as part of The British Council Showcase at Edinburgh.